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Frequently asked questions

What are your opening times?

Our opening hours are Monday - Thursady 8.00 am - 5.00pm and Friday's 8.00am - 4.00pm.

What chemicals do you advise for use in the machines?

We stock the full range of Karcher & Alto branded chemicals, which have been specifically designed to suit any individual cleaning task and maximise the efficiency of the equipment. The use of non branded chemicals may incur unnecessary damage to your equipment and void your warranty.

Do you carry out installation work on the implant/static pressure washer systems?

Yes we have a dedicated installation team who are on hand to complete all pipe installation work for any static unit.

What is RM110, and do I need to replace it?

RM110 or its equivalent is a general purpose water softener, which is required in all steam cleaners as an aid to reduce the build up of lime scale and therefore extend the life of the hot water coil and surrounding pipe work.

What warranty does my machine come with?

All new equipment sold by M.C.C is supplied with a 12 months manufacturers warranty. This warranty is specific to each machine but in very general terms is additional to your standard statutory rights and covers most major parts.


Can the warranty be carried out on-site?

Of course we do offer an on site warranty, this option is inclusive within any of our optional service contracts, otherwise you may choose to upgrade to this service individually at the point of sale.

Why do I need a service contract, when my machine is still under warranty?

Like any piece of equipment, you need to look after it. A warranty is an additional cover offered by the manufacturer on the major parts only, this does not cover the servicing required to maintain those parts & the equipment in order that its maximum efficiency & safety are maintained.

All of our service contracts & one off services are fully inclusive of all recommended service parts & labour for one fixed price.

Failure to service the equipment at the stated service intervals may incur unnecessary damage to your equipment and void your warranty. Any service work must be carried out by an authorised servicing agent.

I don't require a service contract but would like to be notified when my service is due or warranty expires is this possible?

As an inclusive part of our service contract we supply & fit, free of charge, a time clock which will help notify you that a service interval is due. Should the usage on the clock not reach the recommended maximum hours usage, then we will service the equipment in intervals of six months.

How do I set up a credit account with M.C.C. Limited and how long does this process take?

Any established limited company may apply for a credit account with us at any time. Download our credit account application pack.

Once this has been completed & received the application is normally processed within 5-7 working days.

What is your turn-around for an engineer call-out?

We are constantly striving to keep the turn around time to an absolute minimum, our aim is to respond to any breakdown call out within 24 hours, however our priority stands with our service contracted customers whom we guarantee a next day visit to.

If I didn't purchase the machine from you will you cover the warranty?

As the largest authorised Karcher dealership in the UK we have reciprocal arrangements with the manufacturer which may enables us to tend to your machine. Please be aware that the decision to take on any outstanding warranty is at the discretion of M.C.C Limited.

Do you deliver overseas VAT free?

Providing that you are a VAT registered customer outside the UK yet within Europe, then the answer is yes. Simply provide us with your VAT registration number at the time of order and a VAT free invoice will be raised. If you are located outside of Europe all transactions are VAT free regardless. Please call a member of our sales team for a quote on the delivery if outside mainland UK.

Do I need a special power supply for a pressure washer?

Most pressure washer's run off a 240v power supply as standard using a normal 13amp plug.

Can I use an electrical extension lead?

No! Because all pressure washer units, regardless of manufacturer, draw such a large current when initially pressurised, they are unsuitable for use on any kind of extension lead, the amps drawn during these few seconds will cause the power to trip! This can be overcome by using a heavier duty extension, but by doing so you will be putting more strain on the machines motor and shorten its life, as well as voiding your warranty. Should the machine be positioned in an inconvenient location for you power supply, then we advise you to use extension high pressure hoses to reach the desired destination.

Can I get an electric shock from a pressure washer?

Like any electrical good's - if fault's have arisen through misuse and abuse or obvious faults with electrical cables occur then the likelihood of electric shock can increase therefore it is always important to connect your electrical appliances to RCD (residual circuit breaker) so that the appliance will "trip out" if any problems occur.

Like any piece of equipment, you need to look after it by regular servicing in order that its maximum efficiency & safety are maintained.

Can I part exchange my machine for a new one even though it's not working?

Yes - We will consider a realistic value on any machine offered to us under a part exchange.

Do I have to buy the equipment outright?

No. we offer a variety of options to enable you to use the equipment:

  1. Buy on line as an outright purchase
  2. Short term hire the equipment if you only need to use occasionally, contact a sales representative but this service is only available in the North West.
  3. Contract hire the equipment if you have a long term use but do not want to tie up your capital, contact a sales representative. This service is available to established limited companies nationwide with a minimum purchase price of £1,000.
  4. Lease purchase the equipment over a period of time that suits you from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 5 years. This service is available to established limited companies nationwide with a minimum purchase price of £1,000.

I think I know which equipment I need but I would like a demonstration?

Not a problem, just fill in a site survey request and email it to our demonstration team who will contact you back within 24 hours and make suitable arrangements.

Can you tell me how to determine which equipment I am likely to need and the cost of it compared to using manual labour?

Yes we can, we have produced two tables, the first for scrubber driers and the second for sweepers which show the time and cost savings, one is for scrubber driers used to wash and clean a floor and the other is for sweepers used for picking debris & matter from the floor.

Why is my pressure washer leaking from the hose?

It sounds like the seals have deteriorated or split, so you will need to change the O'Rings which are small rubber rings at each end of the High pressure hose this seals the hose to the Gun and the Pressure washer.

I have a hot water pressure washer and the water will not heat up?

The burner unit on a hot water pressure washer works on diesel/red diesel, that is fed from the fuel tank to a fuel pump and then pumped in to the burner unit and then fired up by the electrodes, check that there is fuel in the fuel tank and also that it is not contaminated by water or chemical, if anyone has put chemical in the fuel tank the colour of the fuel will normally be a pinkie creamy colour.

I have turned on the machine and there is no water coming out of the jet.

There could be a number of reasons why the water is not coming out

  1. Have you not turned the water on?
  2. If you have the chemical valve on and there is no chemical in the tank this will draw air in and you will not get any pressure, fill the tank with chemical and release the high pressure hose from the machine and run with the chemical switched on for approximately 1 minute this will draw any air out of the system.
  3. Is the pump or water pipes frozen?
  4. There could be a blockage in the nozzle at the end of your lance, remove the nozzle and clear the jet.