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BR / BD 75/140 R Bp

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A heavy duty, hard working yet extremely versatile ride-on scrubber drier with a large 140 litre fresh water tank and compact construction. Ideal for cleaning large areas such as supermarkets, production shops and warehouses. Designed with an innovative way of cleaning FACT (Flexible Application Control Technology) so that the brush speeds can be easily varied dependent on the surface type. Features of this unit also includes the intelligent metering technology from Kärcher, roller brushes with a working width of 750 mm, high battery capacity and large water tank.

Technical Data:
Working width Brush - 750mm , Working width, vacuum 940mm, Area performance 4500m2/h, Brush rotation speed 1100/180 revs/min, Brush contact pressure 290/47 g/cm2, Battery 24/240V/Ah, Motor rating 2500W, Traction motor 600W, Weight 230kg, Tank capacity fresh / dirty water 140/140l, Dimensions 1550 x 870 x 1340mm (LxWxH)

Standard accessories:
2-tank system, Integrated sweeping attachment, Roller brush - standard, Automatic water stop.

*Other versions available, please contact our sales team team for more information.