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HD 728 B Cage

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Portable cold water high-pressure cleaner with petrol engine for different cleaning sites.
Compact, horizontal petrol-powered cold water high-pressure cleaner for go-anywhere applications independent of an electricity supply. The compact engine-pump unit is mounted in a sturdy, portable tubular frame. The unit's compact dimensions ensure trouble-free transportation between sites.

Its single cylinder four-stroke air-cooled engine is easily started with the pull starter. The pump's brass cylinder head and stainless-steel valves are designed for tough professional applications and ensure a long service life.

The infinitely variable detergent metering ensures exactly the right concentration for the job and therefore helps reduce chemical consumption. A built-in safety valve reliably protects the unit against excessively high pressures. The thermal sensor on the pump's cylinder head shuts down the engine automatically if the temperature exceeds a certain limit during closed circuit operation (with the trigger gun closed).

Can be easily loaded for transport, due to the sturdy allround tubular frame.
Technical data:
Dimensions (L x W x H) 570 x 434 x 430 mm
Operating pressure 150/15 bar /MPa
Water flow rate 650 l/h
Weight 28 kg
Weight without access. -
Max. pressure 160/16 bar /mbar
Engine manufacturer Honda
Engine performance, gross 4/5,5 kW /hp
Engine performance, net. 3,6 kJ/h
Engine type GX 160/petrol
Max. water feed temperature
up to 60 °
Rugged portable pressure washer for craftsmen and service companies
Ideal as a mobile petrol unit for many different cleaning tasks, even where space is restricted
  • Air cooled 5.5HP four-stroke petrol engine (Honda), pull start
  • High-pressure pump
  • Brass cylinder head with suction and pressure valves from high-grade steel
    Long service life, allows use of a wide range of detergents
  • AVS anti-twist system
Scope of Supply:
Extended trigger gun, 10m high pressure hose, 550mm spray lance, Triple Nozzle 0º/25º/40º, cage frame