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Puzzi 10/1

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A Spray Extraction Cleaner for the commercial cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture. With a cleaning performance of 10-15 sq.m/h the powerful suction motor leaves very little residue after cleaning, meaning carpets dry up to 63% faster than comparable products. The large tank for cleaning fluid, water flow rate and pressure are designed for basic cleaning of medium-sized surfaces
Technical Data:
Performance 10-15 m2/h
Air Flow Rate 54 litres/s
Vaccum 220/22 Mbar/kPa
Spray Rate 1.0 Litres/min
Spraying Pressure/Ram Pressure 1.0/2.5 bar
Fresh/Dirty Water Tank 10/9 Litres
Fan 1250 Watt
Pump 40 Watt
Weight 10.5kg
Dimensions 665x320x435mm (LxWxH)
Standard accessories:
2.5m spray hose with integral water feed, Floor Tool with bend and suction tube, Hand Tool.
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