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STH 10.66 W £1800

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The STH 8.66 W is a petrol powered, walk behind, easy to use, dual-stage snow thrower with two-wheel drive.  Separate impeller for snow discharge.  The unit has special SnowHog tyres which means there is no need for snow chains.  Clutch-lock system with lockable lever allows one hand operation.


Technical Data:
Max. area performance  -  1980m2/h
Clearing width  -  66cm
Intake height  -  53cm
Auger diameter  -  30cm
Max. throwing distance  -  up to 10m
Chute rotation  -  200°
Drive Speeds  -  6fwd/2rev
Diameter Wheels/tracks  -  16"
Engine Type  -  4-stoke B & S
Power Rating  -  6/8.2
Fuel Tank  -  3.8l
Weight  -  100kg
Dimensions  -  1400 x 700 x 1080mm
Adjustable Chute
Two Stage Auger
Clutch lock for one-hand operation
Spot Lights
Traction Drive


Order No. 1.335-201.0